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Garden Nef Party Festival Muse, Arcade Fire, Klaxons, !!! (Chk Chk Chk) ... All the pics ...
Arctic Monkeys, Bat For Lashes, Klaxons ... ready for the 2007 Mercury Prize (More info ...)
Vanessa Paradis "Divine Idylle", first single of the new album : See the clip
Jeanne Cherhal See "Je suis Liquide", the new video
The Verbier Festival Live ont the web for the first time (More info ...)
The Kooks All the singles in video : See ...
Bat For Lashes First Album Fur and Gold (More info ...)
Klaxons The new single "It's Not Over Yet" and its beautiful clip
El Club The video Garage is online ...
Manu Chao A new album, La Radiolina : listen to the single "Rainin'in Paradize"

Last gigs ...

Arcade Fire  at the Garden Nef Party Festival (France) (Photos and Live report)
Muse at the Garden Nef Party Festival (France) (Photos and Live report)
Garden Nef Party Festival (France, July 2007) (Photos and Live report)
Suzanne Vega and Hindi Zahra at the Elysée Montmartre (Photos and Live report)
Brian Wilson and Peter von Poehl at the Grand Rex (Live report)
Kaiser Chiefs and Good Shoes at the Olympia (Photos and Live report)
Sparklehorse and Willy Mason at the Elysee Montmartre (Photos and Live report)
Oshen and Saule at the Europeen (Photos and Live report)
Nosfell and Bertrand Belin at the Olympia (Photos and Live report)
Babx and Cherif Soumano at the Bouffes du Nord (Paris) (Photos and Live report)
Matmatah at La Cigale (Paris) (Photos and Live report)
kIM NOVAk, Nelson, Soko at La Maroquinerie (Paris) (Photos and Live report)
Jeanne Cherhal and An Pierlé at l'Olympia (Paris) (Photos and Live report)
An Pierlé & White Velvet at the Bataclan (Paris) (Photos and Live report)
Emily Loizeau and Zoé at l'Espace Saint Exupéry (Photos and Live report)
Los Chicros at La Maroquinerie (Paris) (Photos and Live report)
Klanguage, Mouloud & The Sonic destruction, Stuck in the sound at l'E.M.B. (Photos and Live report)
Kaolin and Cocoon at La Cigale (Paris) (Photos and Live report)
Joseph d'Anvers and ReDeYe at La Maroquinerie (Paris) (Photos and Live report)
Jeanne Cherhal at the Simone Signoret Theatre (Photos and Live report)
Alamo Race Track, Nelson, Adam Kesher at L'E.M.B. (Photos and Live report)
Barbara Carlotti and Rose at La Cigale (Paris) (Photos and Live report)
Axelle Red at La Cigale (Paris) (Photos and Live report)

Last CD reviews ...

Stephan Eicher Eldorado (See the review ...)
Rita Mitsouko Variety (See the review ...)
Jean Guidoni La Pointe Rouge (See the review ...)
kIM NOVAk Luck & Accident (See the review ...)
Cocoon From Panda Mountains (See the review ...)
Los Calaveras Behind the Door (See the review ...)
Hey Hey My My Too Much Space (See the review ...)
Nosfell Kälin Bla Lemsnit Dünfel Labyanit (See the review ...)

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French Zone - Volume 2

French Zone - Volume 2 (Front)      French Zone - Volume 2 (Back)
Download French Zone - Volume 2      
Listen to a sample : Maarten "The Only Thing I Know"

And still available : Electro Zone - Volume 1

Electro Zone - Volume 1 (Front)      Electro Zone - Volume 1 (Back)
Download Electro Zone - Volume 1      
French Zone - Volume 1

French Zone - Volume 1 (Front)      French Zone - Volume 1 (Back)
Download French Zone - Volume 1      

This website is mostly dedicated to compressed audio sounds (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, ...), compressed video (DivX) and Music.

The Freeware section offers the best software free to download : music players for MP3, mp3PRO, Ogg Vorbis, WMA files, audio and video encoders, rippers to copy Music CD's or Video DVD's on your HDD, free burners, tools for image processing, HTML editors, mails notifiers, free word processing softwares and a lot more ... Most of the soft are for Windows but, little by little, soft for Linux are added ... The Hardware section presents portable players that support compressed audio files.

The Music section let you download legal MP3 or Ogg Vorbis music files. All the tracks are listened to before addition to the section. Criteria for inclusion are simple : first, we have to love it, then the musical quality should be good. A lot of the tracks presented are under free licensing (Creative Commons License). Feel free to contact us if you are a member of a band and want to present your work on 01audio-video.com.

Our Tutorials section details subjects related to digital compression for audio files such as "All you need to know on audio compression", "How to rip an audio CD", "All you need to know on Ogg Vorbis", "How to burn a CD", "All you need to know on MP3 and mp3PRO", ... To date, these tutorials are available only in French. Sorry for the annoyance. We hope to translate them as soon as possible.

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